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Picture a sea of teenage faces in a crowded school hallway. Some kids are trying to blend in; some are being carried along by the crowd; others are deliberately swimming against the tide. All of them are trying to find their way in a culture that is crowded with the noise and glare of media messages and peer expectations.

Young Life seeks to carry the message of Jesus Christ into that tumultuous tide and points teenagers toward life as they were created to live it. Since 1941, the dynamic that has characterized Young Life is its commitment to relationships — Young Life leaders meeting kids on their turf in the interest of friendship. As leaders get to know teenagers, they are able to share the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like Young Life club, Campaigners and trips to camp.

Whether kids are seeking answers or just acceptance, Young Life is there for them, armed with a desire for fun and the ultimate message of hope. Young Life is working with teens in more than 800 communities across the United States and in more than 50 countries. More than 3,000 staff members and 26,000 volunteers are working to reach every kid, everywhere, for eternity!

Young Life Clubs and Campaigners
Southeast High School
Southwest High School
WyldLife Clubs
Irving Middle School
Pound Middle School
Coming this fall​: Scott Middle School
Capernaum Young Life
Our special needs ministry serving high school students and young adults of all abilities across Lincoln. For more information contact Chris Rajala at


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